Hello October! How I’m looking forward to the darker evenings, with a comfy throw on the sofa and some candles burning brightly. We’ve got some big expenses coming up this month as we begin our bathroom renovation, but all planned so hopefully nothing too unexpected crops up during the month.


Every month I like to set myself aims for the month, to keep myself focused and to make sure I actually use the time during the month wisely! There are two sets of aims: Finance and Personal. September wasn’t that good in terms of our financial goals or personal aims so I’m hoping that October will be much better.


Financial aims for October:

– Have 18 NSpend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by the interest added on only

– Put £600 into savings


As the two previous months haven’t been good in terms of NSDs, I’ve reduced my target slightly in the hopes I will meet it! I seem to have got out of the rhythm of having NSDs and need to get back into the swing of things. Here’s hoping this will be easier in October.  Like last month, our mortgage overpayment will just be in the interest added only as I’m happy with how that went in September. And I have left the savings target at £600, though I’m hoping it’ll be more in the end, especially as my savings in September ended up being pretty poor. Reaching my NSD target does have an impact on savings, so the two go hand in hand.


Personal Aims for October:

– make a tea loaf

– lose 4 lbs

– have a date night with husband


I put making a tea loaf into September’s aims but then didn’t get round to it, so I’ve added it again! It really is a good cake but I seem to have lost the recipe for it. So I need to find that and then make it. I fell off the band wagon in terms of healthy eating in September, so this is a continuing I think. I’ve set my weight loss goal at 4 lbs, as a lb a week should be do-able, if I focus. Lastly, just to make sure we make time for our relationship when things are busy, I’d like to have a date night with my husband during the month too.


Do you have any aims for this month? What will challenge you the most? I’d love to hear from you!


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