Hello October! I love this time of year, when the evenings get cooler and darker and the thought of being all cosy inside when it’s cold outside. I like the way that foods turn to the comforting stews and soups that have been off the menu for a while. Can you tell I’m excited about October?! I always think of October as a transition month, as Autumn firmly comes into play and Summer seems far behind. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to it being colder? It means wearing big jumpers, hot chocolates on an evening and blankets on the sofa.


Anyway, October tends to be a quiet month for us, and at this point in time, we have nothing planned for the entire month, bar a couple of family birthday celebrations. We need to make a decision about the decorating and that might be done by the end of the month, which will need to be paid for. But, apart from that, we have nothing planned. I am hoping that this will have a positive impact on our finances!


Financial aims for October:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £100

– Put £700 into savings


I was one away for my NSD target for September, so kept it the same for October. The fact that we have nothing planned means that hopefully I will reach this. I just need to get back to my very organised self! Continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, I am aiming for £100 this month. This seems like a good number to aim for at the moment. Lastly, the savings aim is just the same as last month. Although it needs to be higher, if we do go ahead with decorating, then it’ll be a stretch to get to this.


Personal Aims For October:

– lose 8lbs

– make a decision about the staircase/hallway 

– start planning for Christmas


So, although I maintained my weight for August, I need to get serious about losing weight this month if I’m ever going to get to my #thirtybefore30 challenge. I’m at 14lbs down so far, so got a bit to go! I need to just get on with this, or stop making it as a monthly aim. Our staircase and hallway is still nowhere near finished, and we need to make a decision. I’m fed up of living with it in such a mess! We need to get a quote for the amount of work done. Lastly, I know that Christmas is a while away, but I need to start to plan now. Planning in advance will help with budgeting for presents. Making a list of people to buy for, plus ideas for presents will help to make a start.


Here’s to October being great!


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