Another month is over! I’ll be honest, November has not been the best month for us. We’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses (mainly the car and some house things) and work has not been fantastic over the last couple of weeks as the pressure grows as we get nearer and nearer to Christmas.


November marks the sixth month of blogging and I’m still really enjoying it. I like reading financial blogs and I’m also enjoying the process of coming up with blog posts and then writing and posting them. I have lots of ideas and posts to do so I’m sticking around for now! I love reading comments that people take time to leave and they often conjure up other thoughts to do with how people manage their money. I now have 293 followers on Twitter and I have had 13,424 views on the blog at the time of writing this post. Thank you if you follow me on Twitter and read my blog – it really does mean a lot to me!


Our Financial aims for November were:

– Have 18 NSpend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by the interest added on only

– Put £600 into savings


Another month where I don’t meet my NSD aim – I have managed 16 this month. The beginning of the month was much better spending wise, but from about halfway through onwards, things just kept going wrong which we had to pay for. We’ve overpaid our mortgage by £290.09 this month which was the interest added. We’ll continue to keep overpaying the interest each month for the foreseeable future, I think. Finally, and I am so ashamed to post this, but we have not managed to save a penny this month. Nothing. That is so bad, I can’t even begin to put into words how I feel about it. But, I’m not going to let it cloud my thoughts for the upcoming month; I know where our extra money has gone and why, and will just have to put it down as experience and try to move on. I’m not impressed though.


Our Personal Aims for November were:

– make some gingerbread men

– lose 4 lbs

– see some girl friends for a catch up


My personal aims have not gone to plan this month either. I think that the stress and struggle of both work and home things have really had an impact, and only now when I’m reviewing the month is it becoming clear just how much of an impact they have had. I have not made any gingerbread men, which I’m sad about. I love gingerbread! Maybe I need to make this an aim in December instead. I’ve lost 3 lbs, mainly due to losing my appetite through stress. When I get stressed and tired, I do tend to eat less as it just doesn’t appeal to me. So, probably not done in the best way either. Finally, I have met two different sets of girl friends this month, both times were absolutely lovely and very much needed.


So, November has been very hit and miss for us, so I’m ready for it to be over. Here’s to December being much better!


How was your November? Have you hit your aims? I would love to hear about it!


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