Most of the posts here at The Frugal Cottage are about money saving and budgeting. However, cash back sites are so easy to use that everyone should be using them. More and more people are spending money online. Purchasing big ticket items through various websites. Getting better deals online because they’re doing their own research. Comparing prices and brands. Looking at deals and choosing the right product for themselves.


But, especially with these big ticket items, you should definitely be using a cash back site first.


What is a cash back site?


A cash back site is a website you go to before you buy whatever you’re purchasing online. If you go via a cash back site, a cookie is stored on your computer which tracks your spend. Depending on where you are shopping, the percentage of cash you get back in return varies. It’s so simple!


It only takes you thirty seconds longer to do this, but you can get big rewards. There are often substantial rewards for contract changes. For example, some mobile phone companies offer over £100 if you change to them, via a cash back website. Over £100! It’s such easy money too, as it’s something you are doing anyway, if that makes sense.


There are two main ones in the UK – TopCashback and Quidco. Both work in the same way. You visit either TopCashback or Quidco first, and search for the website you are buying from. Check both as they might offer different percentages of cash back! Once you’ve found the website you want, you need to click the button that takes you through and tracks your cash back.


Both me and Mr FC use TopCashback and Quidco when we are shopping online. Mr FC generally does more of our online shopping than I do, so his cash back amount is bigger than mine. However, between us we’ve now had over £800 back, on purchases we were already making. You can also claim different vouchers back as well, such as Amazon ones, which are useful for Christmas!


Another way of getting cash back on your purchases, though slightly different in it’s approach, is to use a site such as Swagbucks. I have written an entire post on Swagbucks here. However, when you shop via them, you gain points for your purchases, rather than cash. The points you accrue can then be exchanged for cash or vouchers, so the end result is the same. Swagbucks has some shops that TopCashback/Quidco don’t and vice versa. It pays to check, literally!


The reason why I’m posting this now is people are thinking about starting their Christmas shopping. Yes, I know it’s only October but if you start now you spread the cost! If you are buying lots of items online, you need to join all three of these and make the most of it. You could be missing out on lots of free money!

Why You Need To Use Cash Back Sites - The Frugal Cottage


Finally, in relation to Christmas, there are lots of ideas and deals across in the Thrifty & Frugal Christmas Facebook group I run with Hollie from Thrifty Mum, if you want to join us 🙂


Do you use cash back websites? 


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