Each year I like to have a word that encompasses what I want to do during the year. For 2017, my word for that was self care (although, I suppose, technically two!) which was looking at taking care of myself a bit more. Putting myself first rather than at the bottom of the pile.


And, for the most part, I managed to do this. Obviously, with a child it is slightly more tricky. With two now, it’s even harder!


But, I have a different key word for this year.


My word for 2018 is focus.


And I have this for very specific reasons.


I want to focus on my family. I’ll be honest, getting used to having two children rather than one has been a bit of a shock. The sudden drop back into the depths of sleep deprivation is hard. Surviving on less than 6 hours of sleep a night is tough. However, I know this isn’t forever. And family is so important. The whole reason for us trying to retire early is about spending time with family. Plus, they’re not going to be small for long.


I want to focus on this blog. Again, with the lack of sleep, I am struggling to keep on top of everything, this blog included. I have mentioned in my 2018 about a slight rebrand, a change of direction. But, I need to find time to do that! Once we’re in some sort of routine, I’m hoping to get this started. When I was writing down my plans for it, I  got so enthusiastic about it all.


I want to focus on my weight. I have joined Slimming World again this week. I want to lose all of my pregnancy weight and then a bit more. Again, this is putting me first rather than last. It’s important for health reasons for me to lose some weight.


I want to focus on our eating. I write a lot about meal planning, saving money on food. I’ve even written a course about saving money on your food shopping! As Frugal Toddler is eating more and more with us, I need us to set an example with healthier eating. This links in to me wanting to lose weight as well. More fresh fruit and veg is on the menu 🙂


I want to focus on the long term goals. Saving for early retirement, building passive income, increasing side income. All of these things will help is in the long term. Whilst I know it’s important to live in the moment, lots of the things we want to achieve are more long term things. I need to keep these in mind as we move through the year.


Seemingly, most of these things have the same factor running through them – time! Once we get into a better routine, as a family, I’m hoping to find some more time when I can focus and get more organised. Maybe once I get a bit more sleep! Here’s hoping 🙂 so yes, 2018 is the year of focus. Here goes!


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