As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, I thought it might be best to post something relating to that. Positive mental health, and all that encompasses is so important. That being said, I do believe that finances can have a big impact on your wellbeing. When your finances are not as stable, that can lead to stress and anxiety around them.


But there are ways in which you can help yourself when it comes to thinking about your finances.


Have you heard of mindfulness?


Mindfulness is basically being aware of it, in the moment. Making conscious decisions and being present, in that moment in time. It also means that you are paying attention to your feelings and being purposeful about your actions. In fact, if begin to think about bringing mindfulness into your every day life, then it could be very positive indeed.


Then,  I began to think about keeping to a budget. About being positive about finances. And how mindfulness can help when it comes to your finances.


It can stop impulse buys. Impulse buys can often happen as a rash, spontaneous, unthought process. You see something, you buy it. That’s why it’s an impulse! However, if you are being truly present, in the moment, that these impulse buys should rarely happen. Because even if you are tempted, you can take a step back and slow your decision making, you will probably come to a different decision.


It gives you some thought behind purchasing. As with stopping impulse buys, using mindfulness when shopping means you have to think about your purchase. That sounds daft; we all think about what we’re buying, right? But, it makes you think about whether you need to item in question and whether it is worth the money. Hopefully, some times this means that you’ll step away from that item! Remember, being present and really thinking about your actions can be very positive in terms of your finances.


It makes you enjoy the things you do own. Living in the moment and slowly down, makes you appreciate what you have already. If you sit and look around you, you probably have a lot of things surrounding you. That handbag that you own already? The CD/DVD collection you have? Whatever you own, enjoy those without adding to the pile. Being present and thinking about the little things makes you appreciate them more.


I have been doing some reading into mindfulness and I find it interesting and fascinating. In the world of instant gratification and social media, rarely do we truly live in the present. Yes, we have access to things twenty four hours a day, but it doesn’t mean we are taking notice. As humans, especially the younger generation, we are obsessed over likes, followers, friends, numbers. It’s worrying that they can’t find enjoyment in the smaller things.


These are the three top selling books on Amazon about mindfulness:

which can tell you more about mindfulness and the positive impact it can have on your mental health.


Have you heard of mindfulness before? Do you think you’ll give it a go?


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