As I was contemplating what to schedule to post after all of the new year aims, monthly aims and the first weekend post of the year, I suddenly realised I haven’t posted anything about our cats, who are quite important in our lives and who share our home!


Now, before we owned our two cats, I was so not a cat person. I’d had a dog when growing up, and not really had any experience of cats at all, so I was definitely a dog person. However, due to the nature of both mine and Mr Frugal Cottage’s work, it would not have been fair to get a dog and then have it inside all day long by itself. So, the decision was made that we’d get a cat instead.


Frugal Cats 1

Meet our Frugal Cats!


We adopted the brother-sister pair after we had moved into our current home, which is one more cat that we’d set out to get! When we were looking on the cat adoption website, they said that these two couldn’t be separated so we got two instead of one.  On the day they were supposed to arrive, it snowed so heavily that the foster lady couldn’t get through so I was so disappointed! She managed to get through the next day though, so all was not lost. These fur babies were about 9 months old when we got them (as they are rescue cats, their birth date is not known) and incredibly shy around humans so for the first three weeks of owning them, they lived underneath the sofa in our conservatory, coming out to eat when it was dark! As a definite animal person, this was so painful as all I wanted was to stroke and cuddle them!


Frugal Cats 2


Slowly but surely, they began to trust us and spend more time with us. Frugal Cat 1 (the black and white one) is extremely cuddly and is very affectionate, whereas Frugal Cat 2 (the tabby/grey one) is much more aloof and everything is on her terms. The thing I didn’t realise until we owned cats is just how much of a personality they have; they obviously have very different characters, and show these on a regular basis. Frugal Cat 1 is a very vocal cat, so I can frequently pretend to have conversations with him as he’ll “answer” back when I talk to him. Frugal Cat 2 is quite happy to curl up on the sofa next to me when she’s in the mood, but when she’s not, I have to ignore her at all costs.


Frugal Cats 3


Now, even though I run a frugal lifestyle blog, I think there is room for our cats in our budget. I will do a separate post on how much they cost us per month, but I am absolutely in favour of owning a pet. They bring so much joy to our lives, not to mention having a built in hot water baby to sit on my knee when it’s cold (Frugal Cat 1) and, most of the time, our cats are relatively low maintenance. Of course, we could save more if we didn’t own these animals, but the experience and memories, for us, outweigh the cost of them. The initial outlay (the cost of adoption) and then putting in a cat flap was a minimal cost.


So, these two are the other two members of our household. They’re definitely the cute ones!

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