It’s Monday which means it’s meal plan time. Our meal plan this week will be somewhat different to normal as we’re continuing with our paelo diet for this week. It will mainly consist of eating meat and fish, accompanied by fruit and vegetables and cutting back on carbs and dairy for the time being. We have both loved the last week of being on this low carb diet; the meals we have had have been really filling and not left feeling hungry at all. Yes, I’ve still wanted the odd piece of cake, but on the whole, it’s been quite a simple process to implement. I have bought Joe Wick’s Lean in 15 cookbook which has lots of tasty recipes in; I really recommend it! Last week whilst on holiday we did stray off plan quite a bit, so we’re back on the wagon this week, for the majority of the time.


I normally do our grocery shopping on Sunday morning whilst Mr FC has some quality daddy-baby time with our little one, so I can take my time in the supermarket. I actually enjoy food shopping and browsing round the store, though I make sure that I stick to the list that I make before I go. Making a list means that I don’t buy things we don’t need, plus ensures that nothing gets thrown away.

Meal Plan Monday 15


So, our meal plan for this week is as follows:

Monday – Rump steak with chorizo, cherry tomatoes and kale

Tuesday –  sweet potato hash with fried eggs and bacon

Wednesday – meatballs in a garlic, tomato sauce and spaghetti

Thursday – Beef burger lettuce wraps with coleslaw and salad

Friday – out

Saturday – Hache steak with sweet potato wedges and fried mushrooms


Lots of things on this week’s plan are new this week, which makes me look forward to meal time even more! Being on this new diet means we are trying lots of new recipes out and experimenting with food, which makes it much more interesting. We’ve not had hache steaks before but they’re supposed to be really tender. The meatballs and spaghetti are not low carb, but we have everything in the store cupboard for this meal so it’s a moneysaving one instead.


Breakfast and lunches are included in our budget as well; breakfast is normally a banana for Mr FC. We’ll have to be more organised with lunches this week, especially for Mr FC as he has to have his on the go. We’ve bought eggs for hard boiled eggs, plus some chicken drumsticks that I’m going to roast in the oven so he can take with him. I’m also going to do some rosemary roasted almonds, as you can have a small amount of nuts as a snack. Then raw vegetables will have to make up the rest of his lunch. It’s more of a grazing type style during the day but is surprisingly filling considering it’s not a particularly large amount of food.


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Part of our planning and budget for food means that some items are used from our stockpile every week. This is so the food we already have in the cupboards is used regularly and rotated so nothing goes to waste, but it’s also a good habit to get in to so that if we cannot get to the shops for whatever reason, I can make meals from what we already have in the cupboards. The eggs are from our stockpile and the meatballs/sauce/spaghetti is all from the cupboards.


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What are you eating this week? Trying anything new? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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