Hello March! This post is slightly later than normal, due to the events that have happened over the past week. Frugal Baby took ill on Tuesday evening and we’ve been in and out of hospital with him ever since. Hopefully, he is now slowly on the mend. But, as you can imagine, a tough few days. We are all feeling it too; definite lack of sleep in this house.


March is another quiet month for us really. It’s our wedding anniversary at the end of the month but that’s it. We need to take the next few days slowly and monitor Frugal Baby carefully, so we have no plans. I don’t mind that to be honest; spending time with family is the most important thing. Plus, the weather seems miserable at the moment so it doesn’t make me want to leave the house!


Financial aims for March:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £50

– Put £1000 into savings


I haven’t hit my NSD target this year yet, so I am leaving it the same for March in the hopes I can! I should be able to; we haven’t got that much planned that could scupper it.  I am continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, though I am aiming for less. This is because I want to continue building my investments and dividend income. The savings aim is huge but it’s what I need to be consistently hitting. I smashed my target in February so I’m hoping March will be just as successful. I still have some things to list on eBay, once I find the time to photograph the items.


Personal Aims For March:

– make my first sourdough loaf

list some items on eBay

– celebrate our wedding anniversary


I started my sourdough starter in February and it should be ready to use this weekend. I have never made a sourdough loaf before and reading through the instructions, it’s a slow process. But, I am looking forward to trying it! I love the smell of freshly baked bread. I do want to list some more items on eBay this month; I just need to find some time in the day to take some clear photographs. Lastly, I want us to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It might not seem like a frugal thing, but it’s important.


Here’s to March being great! What are your aims for the month?


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