As there have been a couple of changes around here, I thought I would do another Life Update post, so that I can keep everyone in the loop and also reflect on what has been happening in our area of the woods lately.

Piano Mozart

The first thing that I’ve done, which is directly related to my 2015 goals and which I mentioned in the half yearly update on those goals, is to finally take the leap of faith and add an “Advertise/Hire Me” tab on my site, so that I can hopefully start to make a bit of side income and start as I mean to go on. I honestly don’t know why I have taken so long to add that page to my site, as if I want to start to bring in income by working online, I need to let other people know that I am available for work. Even if I can bring in an extra £150 a month over the next nine months whilst I’m on maternity leave, it’ll be a big help to our overall finances. So, if you need any work doing, hire me! 😉


The other obvious thing to talk about in our life update, is that our due date is getting increasingly close – less than 4 weeks to go in actual fact! We’ve got everything sorted now; the nursery is painted and everything set up, we’ve washed lots of tiny clothes, ironed and put away, the hospital bags for both me and baby are packed, so it’s just the waiting game now. People keep asking if I’m excited, and I am, of course, but I am now getting a bit nervous about the whole thing! I cannot wait to meet our little person and start the next chapter of our lives, but it’s such a big lifestyle change and adjustment where we’ll be entirely responsible for another person which is, I’ll be honest, a little daunting. I have little experience of babies, so I’m hoping it all comes naturally once we have one….


Once I start my maternity leave next week, there are a multitude of tasks I want to get completed whilst I have some time to myself and can take my time over. I am in the process of scheduling some posts ahead of time, so that when I’m bleary eyed and dazed from lack of sleep, the blog won’t disappear completely. I also want to do some freezer “ready meals” so that we have some healthy, home cooked meals that just need popping in the oven on an evening. I’m planning to make:

  • lasagne x 2
  • chilli portions
  • mince/onions mix x2
  • spag bol mix x 2
  • chicken cacciatore x 2
  • beef goulash x 2
  • banana loaf x 2 (need some snacks!)
  • tea loaf x 2

which will take some preparation and planning, but will be much welcomed, especially as all planned are meant to minimise work load. I also want to stock up our cupboards a bit beforehand, with things like tinned tomatoes, beans, fish plus cheese as well.


One of my aims for whilst I’m on maternity leave is to make a sourdough starter and attempt a sourdough loaf; the one we buy occasionally from the supermarket is so tasty and I want to see if I can re-create that at home. Now, I’ve had varied success with breads over the years so we shall see. If I can re-create it somewhat successfully, I’d like to make our own bread more often, as it’s healthier and tastier for us. I could even try different flavoured sourdough breads – the possibilities are endless!


Lastly, in an attempt to continue to simplify our lives and be grateful for what we already have, the picture above is something I’m enjoying playing on the piano; it’s a Mozart which is stimulating yet relaxing to play at the same time. One of the gifts at my baby shower was an old fashioned book of nursery rhymes to play on the piano too, which I’ve started to play to bump. I’m incredibly grateful that I can play the piano and enjoy it immensely; I can often lose a couple of hours once I sit down to play.


Have you ever made sourdough? Do you have a favourite recipe for it?

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