Is it just me who thinks it’s a bit scary that November is almost over? I feel like it has gone by in a blink of an eye. It’s nearly due date month! Eek!


When I last wrote a Life Update post in October, I was 28 weeks pregnant. I’m now 35 week so getting close! I am definitely feeling it now though; lots of everyday, little things are such an effort. Mainly because I feel so huge. My bump is bigger this time around and that does take it’s toll. I do appreciate it though; what an amazing thing my body is able to do.


We are almost ready for Frugal Baby #2’s arrival too. We’ve got everything we said we would get in this post here, we just need to put up the Snuzpod and that’s it. Once that’s up and stationed next to my side of the bed, I suppose it’ll feel even more real. My hospital bag is packed as is the baby’s. I feel like I don’t have as much stuff this time, but I think that’s because we went overboard the first time. I’m secretly hoping to be in and out relatively quickly this time. After all, Frugal Baby #1 (or should that be Frugal Toddler now?) and Mr FC will be at home!


November has proved to be more spend-y than I would have liked. I suppose with the upcoming holidays and impending new arrival, it was inevitable that we’d spend more. Still, don’t particularly like it! I do enjoy researching what presents to buy other people though 🙂 I think next year I might challenge myself to buy the majority from small/independent retailers. It’s something I’ve been mulling over.


I have a feeling December might be quite spend-y too. When isn’t it? We do need to be slightly more careful as I’m now on maternity leave so my income will be going down. I’m hoping that it will give me an incentive to list some things on ebay – though I seem to say that often – and earn some extra pennies that way. We do have things that need listing, I just don’t enjoy the process!


Finally, my Reduce Your Food Spend course is on sale for Black Friday weekend. Until midnight tonight, if you put the code BF2017 in at the checkout, you’ll get 20% off 🙂
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What about you? What exciting things have happened to you lately? 


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