Another Life Update! I thought I’d do more of a chatty post today, as I rarely do these on here. I am going to be really British though – how hot is it?! I’m so not a fan of heat. I hate being too hot 🙁 plus Frugal Baby is not enjoying it either. His nursery is really warm and he’s struggling to go to sleep on a night. So, the both of us will be happier when it’s slightly cooler! We’ve got a tower fan similar to this that’s in his room which is helping slightly.


Did you have a nice weekend? We spent the weekend with my parents and had a lovely time. We travelled to Sandsend on Saturday for a morning at the beach. He absolutely loved it! Throwing pebbles into the sea kept him preoccupied for ages 🙂 He looked so cute in his bathing suit and hat. In fact, he was disappointed when it was time to go home. I even managed a 99 🙂 good old British summer!

Having fun!


We also had a go at an escape room, which we’ve never done before. Have you heard of them? You’re in a room and have to solve a series of clues in order to escape. Some friends of ours have set up a new one in Whitby so we tried that out on Friday. Neither me or Mr FC have done anything like it before but we both really enjoyed it. We didn’t manage to escape, but working as a team and solving the clues was really fun! If you’re ever in the area, I suggest you check it out as an alternative activity to do. Here’s their website and their Facebook page 🙂

Cheesy faces alert!

You only get an hour!

Lots of keys and padlocks to work through.


Another thing that is happened here at The Frugal Cottage HQ is that we are getting our back garden sorted. Thanks to my lovely father-in-law! Our back garden is a strange shape as we live in a corner so it goes round in a half circle. There a lawned section and then rest is pebbles/gravel. This is not practical at all with a nearly two year old so I’ve been wanting to get it sorted for ages. My lovely FIL has been working this week getting it sorted. We’ve got rid of all the gravel [plus the weeds that had grown in it too] and we are waiting for a delivery of some paving slabs to have a patio section plus we’re going to order some turf. That means that we have lots of space that’s much safer for Frugal Baby. He can push his cars around all day then! I can’t wait to have a nice space out there to spend time in this summer 🙂


Lastly, I have mentioned this before but I co-run a Facebook group and I’d love you to join us there! It’s entitled Thrifty & Frugal Christmas and it’s all about spreading out the cost over the year so it doesn’t end up being so pressured in December. I’m really enjoying being part of that ? If you want to contribute, share deals and chat to others all things Christmas, then that’s the place 🙂


What about you? What have you been focusing on lately? 


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