It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a life update on here, so I thought I would do a little ramblings on what is happening here at The Frugal Cottage HQ.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am struggling with motivation at the moment. I can’t quite put my finger on why, either. Alfie has got a cold at the moment, plus he’s teething, so sleeping is a bit hit and miss. He doesn’t understand why he’s coughing so gets upset 🙁


It also doesn’t help that it’s dark, dreary and a bit miserable. Part of me wishes we lived somewhere where it properly snows. Like, six feet deep. I’m sure it’s a romantic view that I have of it, but it would be lovely. All cosy inside when it’s freezing outside. Fire going and a cup of tea in hand. That sounds lovely. But no, we just get rain and general gloominess.


I have spoken about the focus of the year being able self care. I am trying in that respect. Going to bed earlier. Making sure I’ve taken off my makeup. Reading a bit before bed to wind down. I posted over on Instagram that I have recently finished reading Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig and it was an interesting read. It was on recommendation that I read it, but I’m glad I did. Definitely recommend it to read!


We have also had a bit declutter at the start of the year. Mainly books, to be honest. I think we took well over 100 books to the charity shop at the weekend! Some we’ve sold on Music Magpie and We Buy Books. Both only added up to a small amount but it’s all pennies in the pot. I’m also dedicating a bit of space in the dining room to be my office. I want to have a desk with specific places to put stuff, plus a quiet place to work. I’m hoping that have that done within the month, if I focus.


Finally, I am still working on the Frugal Cottage Coaching programme and am intending that to be live before the end of the month. I keep hesitation with it because I want it to be perfect, but I can continue to tweak and add things to it as time goes by. I have got quite a few people subscribed to hear updates about [if you want to as well, the bar is at the top of the page!] and am hoping to have some students soon! I am excited about it but naturally a bit apprehensive/cautious at the same time.


What about you? Are you finding January a bit mundane? 


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