July seems to have passed in a blur of an eye, which I suppose is both good and bad; good because we are a month closer to achieving our goals and dreams, but bad because time seems to be going faster and faster. July has seen a somewhat more expensive month in the FC household, mainly because we have had to buy important baby related items, though we have researched and paid the best price for them. I haven’t been carried away with buying the best and most expensive! In fact, we’ve bought quite a lot of things second hand, or been given them by family members and friends. I’m so looking forward to meeting our little one.


Our Financial aims for July were:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £120

– Put £700 into savings


By the skin of my teeth, I have hit the target of 20 NSDs for July – the last one being today! Even though we’ve spent more than normal this month, I have managed to keep spending mostly on weekend days, so that my week day spends are zero. However, as I’m now on maternity leave weekdays and weekends are already beginning to merge into one, so it’ll be interesting to see how that impacts over the next few months.


I have overpaid our mortgage by £142.60 which is more than our target! The reason for this is that I wanted to make that little bit extra is to bring our mortgage debt to exactly £102,000.00 🙂 so close to being under 6 figures! When we first took out our mortgage we overpaid by £700 a month and, although our priorities on this have changed, it is a morale booster to see the number we own come down slowly. Part of our long term plan is to be totally mortgage free, so we’re on our way!


Lastly, I have managed to put £765.07 into savings this month, which I’m really pleased about, as it beats our target for the month. I’m not sure how much we might be able to save next month because I’m now on maternity leave which means reduced income, so I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to save this much on my last month of “proper” wages. It’s a bit of a scary thought that my income will drop for the next 6 months, but we knew that would happen when we found out I was pregnant.

July Review

Our Personal Aims for July were:

– do some batch cooking for the freezer

 eat healthily 

– get all baby related items organised


I feel like I’ve done really well in my personal aims this month; I’m actually quite proud of myself! I have managed to do some batch cooking for the freezer; I have made:

  • 3 portions of chilli (each will serve me and Mr FC)
  • 3 portions of spaghetti bol sauce
  • 2 portions of beef stew
  • 1 banana loaf

Not quite as much as I’d set out to make, but better than nothing. I’m determined for us not to fall into the trap of ordering takeaways or fast food when baby arrives just because we’re tired and not as organised. That could become very expensive quite quickly, so going to avoid that at all costs. I might try and get some more things cooked and frozen this weekend, if I can manage it. I have also been eating more healthily, although as heartburn and nausea seem to come and go regularly, this has been more of a challenge this month.


Finally, all of the baby stuff is organised; the nursery looks fantastic and MIL has made some quilted cushions to go on our second hand rocking chair that she gave us this week which really make the room. My mum has made a quilt as well which looks so cute in the cot. I cannot believe that soon we’re going to be responsible for another new life! All of the baby clothes have been washed and I have one pile left to iron – must get round to that – and hospital bags are all packed, ready to go. Me and Mr FC have practiced putting the car seat into the car, although Mr FC is definitely better at it than I am! So, we’re all sorted and organised – just need our little person to arrive now for the next bit!


All in all, July has been another good month for us and I’m very much looking forward to August!


How was your July? Have you hit your aims? I would love to hear about it!

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