Hello January! The start of a new year always brings renewed hope and promise. I love not knowing where the year is going to take us. January should be relatively quiet for The Frugal Cottage household. I am hoping to get my focus and determination back; I have been lacking in motivation lately and it has shown in both my blogging work and general demeanour. So, hoping to get back to it!


January always seems to be a good starting point to get the year off in a positive way. I was intending to launch Frugal Cottage Coaching on the 1st, but due to personal circumstances, it just hasn’t been possible. I am now working towards January 15th as a launch date, so that will keep be very busy for the next couple of weeks. Very exciting times though!


Financial aims for January:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £50

– Put £1000 into savings


NSDs seem to be very elusive at the moment. I completely failed my 2016 challenge for these. However, I am so determined to get back on the NSD wagon. Therefore, I’ve increased my target! This still gives me 11 spend days during January. Surely I can do that?! Continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, though I am aiming for an even smaller number. This is because I want to continue building my investments and dividend income. The savings aim is huge but it’s what I need to be consistently hitting.


Personal Aims For January:

– start my sourdough starter kit

– launch Frugal Cottage Coaching

– start to get rid of some of my clothes


I have had a sourdough starter kit in the cupboard since Mother’s Day last year and I am embarrassed to say I still haven’t started it. I don’t know why either; it would only take 5 minutes to read through and get the process moving. I want to do it this month. Making bread is something I want to achieve in 2017. I mention the coaching above, but I want to launch that properly, along with promoting and everything else that comes along with it. It will keep me busy, but I am excited about it. Lastly, I am going to have a proper sort out of all of my clothes, and begin to sell/donate/throw out as I downsize my wardrobe. I am going to be documenting this.


Here’s to January and the start of 2017 being great! What are your aims for the month? I’d love to hear them!


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