Safe to say I’m pretty pleased with this, as I’ve only been blogging for just over a month, but No More Waffles has nominated me for the Liebster Award! He said:

Nicola from the UK has been banging out excellent budgetting tips like nobody’s business for the past few days . I’m curious to see where she will take her writings in the future.


How lovely! Now, the award comes with some rules:

– Spread the prestige and nominate five other newer/smaller blogs. The exact definition of newer and smallers seems to vary, so go with what feels right.

– Answer a few questions that your nominee asks during his or her nomination ceremony.


The person who nominated you also asks you 5 questions, so here are my answers:

1) When was the last time you ate a waffle? A fitting question given the name of their blog, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten one! I will have to change that this summer, I shall report back.

2) Who is your personal hero? I think this has to be my Grandma. She is an awesome lady with some fantastic views on life and money. She personally made sure her and my Grandpa have had a very comfortable retirement due to her careful planning and budgeting. I’m going to write a post about her soon.

3) What is your personal financial philosophy (in ten words or less)? The simple life, with less material possessions, is the key to happiness (just more than 10, sorry!).

4) What has been your favourite blog so far? Just one?! I love reading Dividend Mantra’s blog for ideas on investing. Oh, and Making Sense of Cents!

5) What is your favourite type of beer? I’m sorry but I can’t stand beer – I really don’t like the taste.


My nominees for this award are:

1) Scribbles and Tea – a lovely blog about reading and drinking tea, what could be better! Plus some other things thrown in the mix, like music and travel.

2) Mrs Financial Freedom – a new blog with some very interesting articles to read. A family’s journey to financial freedom.

3) Financially Free by 40 – a man’s journey to financial freedom. Some good articles on stock buying; I love to read through other people’s stock strategies and see them in action!

4) Even Steven Money – a blog about becoming debt free and building wealth.

5) Self Reliance for the 21st Century – a new blog about sustaining a life with relying on others; so making your own food and growing your own features here.


And my questions are: 1) Which do you prefer: tea or coffee? 2) If you had £1,000 to spend on anything what would you spend it on? 3) What’s your favourite flavour of crisps? 4) Which genre of music do you prefer? 5) Dream holiday destination?


There we go! Thanks again to No More Waffles for nominating me for the award.

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