I have got something exciting to share with you, which I have been working on behind the scenes. Something to test the waters, I suppose. I have spoken a lot about helping other people and making sure their money works hard for them.


So, I’ve created a mini course, to share with you all!


One of the search items that brings a lot of people here is about saving money on food. One of my most popular posts is this one about how to start meal planning. I’m a big fan of planning meals so that I only get the food we need and nothing gets wasted in the process. At one point we seemed to be throwing a lot of food away, but I have managed to reduce this to zero due to careful planning of food. Plus, food is one of my favourite things (both to talk about and to eat) 🙂


So, as I love meal planning and saving money on food, I thought I would expand on this area a bit. Unfortunately, food prices are going up and that is set to continue. Prices of everyday items are being bumped up and what would once be guaranteed to be a low food shop is not necessarily anymore. In some circumstances, people are having to choose between heating their home and feeding their children.


With that in mind, I’ve written a mini course all about reducing your supermarket spend and minimising food waste in the process. What is included in the course:

  • how to organise your kitchen so that you know exactly what you have. This is to help you rotate your food supplies, how to build a stockpile if you haven’t got one already and then to keep track on what’s in there!
  • An easy way to think of different meal ideas for each week. There are various methods and I talk through my favourite ones.
  • A meal plan and shopping list printable, for you to print out and use each week.
  • How to eat in season to help you maximise your savings
  • Freezing meals and how to rotate so you have a stash of “ready meals” in stock.
  • Using cheaper meats and slow cooking to save money on electricity as well
  • An exemplar meal plan for a week plus shopping list to get you started


The course is meant to be completed in an evening, so that you are armed with the information quickly so it can be put into practice. There are free printables included in the course to help you as well. A meal planner which you can use to plan your weekly menu plus a shopping list attached so you can write your list as you go. There is also a favourite meals printable, so you can use that as a starting point!


As this is in the final stages of being completed, I am aiming for the course to go live on Monday 16th October. It will be priced at £17.99 to begin with, as an introductory price. You can work through the course at your own pace, but I don’t think it should take longer than an evening. This includes filling in the printable pdfs too!


If you are interested in this and would like to find out more before the launch day, then sign up here and get the information first:


Is there anything else you can think of that I should include in the course? Is there anything that you would like more information on before it launches? Let me know!


I’m so excited about this – I hope you are too! 


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