As the nights get darker earlier, it makes me feel like hibernating. Drawing the curtains, blanket on the sofa and staying in. Especially as the time towards the holidays gets busier and busier, it can sometimes be difficult to step back and rewind.


And, the typical things you might think of as relaxing aren’t cheap. One of my favourite, indulgent things to do is a get a massage. That is so relaxing and makes me feel so much better. However, not cheap! So, I’ve been thinking about things to help relax on a budget.


Read a book.

I’ve mentioned my love of reading before, and I honestly love nothing better than getting lost in a good story. This is even more budget friendly if you join your local library and borrow your books for free! Even if you can just spend 10 minutes reading and switching off, can help you relax.


Go for a walk. 

Getting outside and getting some fresh air can really help you relax. This isn’t a 20 mile hike, but just a gentle stroll for 30 minutes. Again, it’s about switching off and trying to forget everything else for a while. Exercise also release endorphins which make you happy!


Have a nap! 

Now, as a sleep deprived parent, I do enjoy an afternoon nap. This might sound counter-productive, but sometimes, you just need to rest. Everyday lives are so busy and stressful, and just having a rest can do wonders for you. Nothing better for restoring the mind than sleep!


Have a hot bath. 

Having a soak in a bath for even a short time can relax you completely. All your worries seem to disappear as the tension melts away in the heat 🙂 put some lovely bubbles in the bath (I have this one which is more expensive, but you only need a tiny bit and it’s wonderful for dry skin), light a candle if you have one and shut out the world for as long as you like (or until the water goes cold!).


Have a colouring in session, or a doodle. 

Colouring in as a child was something that you did quite often, as an activity. Although I sometimes wonder now if it’s just a tactic to get children to sit still for 5 minutes! However, adult colouring in books are so popular now and for good reason; it’s quite a mindless activity but it can also be quite relaxing. I’ve got the Harry Potter colouring in book, which I got for Christmas last year 🙂 although I don’t ever seem to find the time to do any, the small amount I have completed I have really enjoyed doing!

How To Relax On A Budget - The Frugal Cottage


Watch your favourite film. 

It doesn’t matter what your favourite film is, if you have enough time to sit and watch a film, then do it! In the same way as reading a good book, watching a film is a form of escape and can be just as relaxing. I was just talking to someone the other day about the fact I haven’t watched The Titanic for ages, and it’s one of my favourite films (no matter how cheesy it is!) so I need to somehow set aside some time to watch it 🙂


Write something. 

I’m in the process of setting up a bullet journal. I have been wanting to get a different system for organising my time and planning for blog related things, and a bullet journal seems like it’ll be just the ticket. I have ordered this notebook for it, as they come highly recommended for that, and I am looking forward to setting it up. Writing things down can often clarify things and make things less overwhelming.


Light some candles. 

Lighting some candles and turning off the main lighting can make your room seem very cosy and relaxing, without costing a lot. I love having candles around the place and find them relaxing; there’s something about the lower light that helps with reducing stress. These ones, with the wooden wicks, sound great too!


What are your favourite ways to relax on a budget? I’d love to hear from you! 


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