I know it’s only October but it’s time to start thinking about Christmas, if you haven’t already. Christmas is such a big holiday now. All of the shops have got their Christmas stock up and for sale, and lots of new things are being advertised.


So, now is a good a time as ever to think about your Christmas budget!


Apparently, the average family in the UK spend around £850 at Christmas. This includes food, decorations, drinks and presents. That’s quite a big number! Even if you have quite a large family, with a bit of careful planning you could get this down from that.


Firstly, what I do is to think about the people who we are buying presents for. Family members, friends and other relatives. Make a list of every person you are buying for. You can do it in groups if you like, or priority order if that’s what works.


Next, you need to allocate a budget for each person. There are people who you will spend more money on. For me, Frugal Baby and Mr FC are the two people I spend the most money on. They are the people I love and spend the most time with. It makes sense that money wise they are up there too! We don’t go overboard though, as we have more than enough already.


Once you have your ideal budget, you need to think about if it is realistic or not. Do you need to buy lots of things for everyone? Probably not. Could you reduce the amount spend on some people? Probably. If your budget seems quite high, then revise it until it seems more manageable. Could you even do things like homemade gifts? Or perhaps making up a themed hamper on a budget for someone. There’s some great ideas over on Pinterest for these!


Remember, you can earn money to help towards Christmas with cash back sites and survey sites such as Swagbucks. Both of these are free to join and can help a lot when it comes to earning extra money in time for Christmas. I’ve got a post on both of these:


Even if you manage to get a £10 Amazon voucher, it all helps! If you sit on the sofa on an evening just watching tv, why not do some surveys whilst you’re sat there? They don’t take long 🙂


Next, you need to work out how much to save, if you can. Obviously this is subject to what you’ve set your budget as. Start saving your £1 and £2 coins to begin with as these add up quickly. Think of other ways to cut back, like your food shopping spend or entertainment for now.


Also, think about things around your home that you could get rid of by selling online. Apparently the average household has over £1,000 of unused items in their home. Now is the time to get listing these as people are looking for bargains for Christmas! I’ve written before about how to sell well on ebay, and am planning on listing some things this weekend.

How To Budget For Christmas - The Frugal Cottage


If you’re in charge of Christmas dinner, now is the time to start buying things that are non-perishable, or things you could freeze until the big day. Most supermarkets are beginning to have all of their Christmas stock in, so this can help spread the cost too. It is possible to do Christmas dinner on a budget, with a bit of planning.


Have you started to think about Christmas? How are you managing your budget? I’d love to hear from you!


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