Today’s post is a guest post by Ella – enjoy! 


So it’s got to that point where either your milk has started to go off, mould has started to grow in your yoghurt (eww!) and thinks are flat out going off in a matter of hours, let alone days. It’s official. Your fridge or freezer has given up with its working and headed off to a better life in White Goods Heaven. Whilst you may feel sad and annoyed that it’s left you in the lurch, you know you need to arrange for something thick and fast because the last £30 shop you did at Sainsbury’s isn’t going to last you very long, if you’re living in caveman times where you have to stick meat in a frozen, dark cupboard to be able to keep it fresh. Say hello to our friends at the white goods recycling! These folk make your life so much easier when it comes down to whisking away the stuff that is in your kitchen or utility room to make room for the new ones. A lot of clearance companies in this day and age offer recycling for all your white goods, ensuring that placing in that new order from Curry’s, is a simple click away.


So how do you go about finding a company that is able to provide this service, however at a price that doesn’t break your bank? One of the best ways to find a clearing company is to simply ask around. Some of the most reliable people in the industry often get business because their services are so good that people just cannot help but recommend them. At some point of everyone’s life, their white goods have simply exited their shelf life or packed up for good and someone will know someone in front to recommend you to! That’s what we have family and friends, for!


Sometimes the team that come in, may not always have the adequate equipment, including a van that would be able to help them take away the junk on the very same day, which means that you may have to opt-in for a skip hire, so you can keep all your goods in there not to mention if there is anything else such as furniture clearance, that you also need them to take care of. The thing with white goods is that you cannot just load them up into your car (they probably won’t even fit!) and just go drop them off somewhere. They have to be disposed in a proper manner meaning that because of all their parts, they will be need to be recycled that a lot of them can be used again but in fresh white goods that are sold. That’s the dirty trick that most white goods retailers never tell you. All their stuff looks pristine from the outside, but the reason that it is so easy for their stuff to pack up sadly even after a few months, is because they have often used recycled parts that have already done up with a lot of their life!


Clearing companies often have the option of being booked in a few days meaning that, you can always have your white goods recycled for an affordable cost without sitting and thinking what to actually do with them!

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