How is it nearly the end of 2017 already? I feel like this has flown by. It has been another year of highs and lows, topped with the early addition of Frugal Baby #2 to our family this month. I have continued to enjoy my little space here at The Frugal Cottage and have more plans for the upcoming year on how I want it to go. I still aim to help people live the good life on a budget – that will always be my mantra!


With that in mind, I thought I would share my top 10 most viewed post here at The Frugal Cottage for 2017.


10. How To Do Christmas Dinner On A Budget. I wrote this in December 2016 but it has seen a rise in popularity again recently, probably due to people looking to make cut backs when making Christmas dinner. Are you in charge of yours this year?


9. How To Save £12,000 A Year. When I wrote this post, I wrote it in conjunction with a savings challenge I run on another website. I have had a few messages sent to me about how the number in question is unrealistic for most people and I actually agree. I have only managed to save this amount of money once in a year, and never since. However, you can interchange the number for your own personal target, and the advice would stay the same!


8. How To Have A No Spend Month. Something that I have attempted quite a few times this year, and intend to try again in January, is having a No Spend Month. This post has been incredibly popular and I now have over 500 members in the No Spend Month Challenge group I run over on Facebook 🙂


7. Portfolio. Whilst not actually a blog post, my portfolio page here is viewed often. It just shows my investment portfolio and my holdings within the various companies.


6. 5 Easy Ways To Spend Less. Written in October 2015, this continues to be viewed often here at The Frugal Cottage. I suppose everyone always wants to be able to spend less! It has done well with social media shares as well, which helps 🙂


5. Dividend Income. Like my Portfolio page, the dividend income is not a post on my blog. However, it does gain a lot of views which is great! This is my second full year of dividend investing and I am still loving it. I’m looking forward to updating the 2017 yearly total soon!


4. How To Save Money – My Money Saving Tips! This is a round up post full of lots of money saving tips. This has proved highly popular since writing it, so it’s no surprise that it’s up here towards the top. Lots of different articles to read about saving money.


3. Frugal Foods To Buy To Keep Your Grocery Costs Down. Food shopping and keeping costs down is a big thing of mine; I think food waste and sneaky supermarket deals can play havoc with your weekly budget. I’ve even written a course all about reducing your food spend!


2. How To Start Meal Planning When You Don’t Know Where To Start. Again, another post that has been highly read since I published it back in October 2016. I’m a big fan of meal planning and think that it could help the majority of households to save money. This post talks about how to get started, especially when you have no idea where to begin!


And at number 1… 5 Simple Living Blogs You Should Be Reading. Written way back in July 2015, this has been a very popular post since it went live and has continued to be so all year. I really should update it as well as two of the blogs that I feature are actually no longer updated.


So, there you have it! The top 10 posts viewed on The Frugal Cottage this year. Thank you so much for reading; I am very grateful for every single view of my blog. Here’s to 2018!


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