Hello February! I can’t believe we’re into the second month already. Last month seemed to pass by so quickly, even though we didn’t do that much. Just transitioning into a family of four 🙂 but I’m looking forward to seeing what February brings. It should be a quiet month for us on the whole, but we shall see.


Financial aims for February:

– Have 18 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £85

– Put £600 into savings


NSDs seem to be very elusive at the moment. I didn’t manage this aim in January but I’ve kept it the same for February in the hopes I might meet it. Continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, though I am aiming for an even smaller number. This is because I want to continue building my investments and dividend income. But I still want to keep the overpayments going as they’re important. The savings aim is less than previous months but that is because we’re now on a reduced income whilst I’m on maternity leave.


Personal Aims For February:

– lose 6lbs

– to not put too much pressure on myself

– start to get rid of some of my clothes


I managed to lose 5,5lbs in January so I’m keeping my aim for February the same. I need to lose quite a bit of weight and I’ll be overjoyed if I manage this! I started Slimming World last month and it’s going well so far 🙂  I also need to remember to not put too much pressure on myself – lack of sleep plus juggling a newborn and an energetic toddler is enough without adding more things to the mix. Lastly, I need to sort my clothes. This has been an aim for ages!


What are your aims for the month? I’d love to hear them!


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