Another month is over and it is another month where I can talk about earning some money online. This is another income stream that I am trying to build, slowly but surely. If I can combine earning some money online, plus my day job, plus dividend income, it will slowly build up to various income streams that really do make a difference. And that difference will be early retirement! That’s my motivation, right there.


Long before I started this blog, I used to read income reports from other bloggers. Earning numbers far beyond what I earn at my full time job. Plus managing to do this all with a laptop and some determination. The fact that there are so many ways to earn a living online means that almost anyone can earn some money on the side, if they want to. One of my big aims for 2017 is to slowly build my online business/income to a consistently higher number each month. I am going to plod along with my plans, when I find the time to get a better balance.


Some of my favourite bloggers who share their income reports are:

  • Making Sense of Cents
  • Smart Passive Income
  • Pinch of Yum
  • Emma Drew Info


All of these bloggers post their monthly earnings, and some of them earn some amazing amounts every month! I can only hope to one day be posting an income number in the thousands, but we all have to start somewhere and I’m so pleased that I continue to make money (a small amount) online. To hope that I might make four figures every month through online endeavours (which is my long term aim) is amazing. I am confident that, with time, I will achieve that.


I’m going to continue to split how I use my earnings online; half will be saved into the Ultimate Dream Fund and half will be reinvested into this site. I want to make this a better site, so I’m going to have to invest some money into the growing of The Frugal Cottage.


Anyway, this is what I earned in February:

Blog income:

  • Sponsored content – £220.00

Dividend income – £21.79

eBay – £14.00

Total: £255.79


Since I changed the way I am reporting online income, the numbers seem better. I am including all extra income aside from my day job, basically. Again,  eBay has been slow in February, with only two items being sold. I’m pleased with my sponsored content amount; I am super picky about what I accept here at The Frugal Cottage. I only accept things that I genuinely think would be interesting to read. I have set aside 30% of this income for tax and national insurance purposes.


Of course, having this blog helps me earn money online. In fact, if I hadn’t started a blog, I would not be in the position I find myself now. If you fancy starting a blog of your own, I would recommend Bluehost. I have used them from the start and my hosting has been excellent. And, if you sign up through my link, you will be able to get hosting from only $2.95 which is cheap when converted into £s!


For March, I’m aiming to earn £250 in side income/online income. I am hoping to list some more things on ebay this weekend, if I get round to taking the pictures I need. I have quite a few clothing items that I want to get listed, just so they (hopefully) get used by someone rather than just sitting in my wardrobe.


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