Hello everyone! This is a guest post today by Emma at fromalditoharrods.com about earning some extra cash. Enjoy!

I recently read Nicola’s post on sticking to your budget in 2015  which has some fantastic advice. I find that a great way to help with our household budget is to make some extra money – whether it is completing online surveys in exchange for a grocery gift card or selling my unwanted items on eBay. It gives us a little bit more flexibility, whether that money gets spent on a luxury item or gets added to our emergency fund – any extra money is gladly welcomed.

Looking for ways to earn some much needed extra cash can be difficult, with so many scams around. Plus, who wants to be completing a survey for 35 minutes, only to earn 10p? Since discovering that there are some apps to help me earn money on my smartphone, I am always looking for new ones.



Streetspotr UK is one of these apps, available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can earn money by carrying out location based tasks, called “Spots”. These Spots include visiting high street shops, bars, cafes and more, taking a few photos and answering a short survey. It could be posters in a music shop or whether a particular brand of drink was on sale. There are also some spots that you can complete from the comfort of your sofa! And if you are required to make a purchase, such as a hot drink, Streetspotr UK will also pay for that.

Streetspotr1 Mobile


Getting started with Streetspotr is really quick and easy.

  1. Download the free app onto your smartphone.
  2. Connect the app with your Facebook account, or create an account using your email address.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Open the app and complete the welcome Spot.

You need to complete the Welcome Spot to be eligible for paid spots, but it just takes a few minutes. You will be able to see Spots whilst you are out and about, but you can also load the app before you head out to see what tasks are available.

Streetspotr Mobile

When you have completed a Spot it will be reviewed, and once it has been accepted, you will see your earnings within the app. The great thing is that you will automatically be paid into your Paypal account (and if you don’t have one then you can register for one for free) around 30 working days after completing the Spot. Streetspotr pay all the fees, meaning that everything you earn is yours to keep!

It is a great way to get your smartphone earning you extra cash, instead of the usually high bills that come with owning a smartphone. There are some great Spots on the app right now, perfect for the new year sales.

You must be 18 or older to register for StreetSpotr, and based in the United Kingdom. You can keep up with Streetspotr and find out about the latest Spots on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Have you used smartphone apps to boost your earnings? Which ones have you used?

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