If you read a few personal finance blogs in the UK, chances are at some point they will mention matched betting as a way of making money. Some of the UK money bloggers have made a LOT of money by doing matched betting. I’m talking 10s of 1000s!


So, why don’t I do it? If it’s that easy to make so much money, then why don’t I join the hoards of people who appear to do it, and do it very well?


Firstly, there’s one simple reason for it. I don’t understand it! I’ve read all about it, and it just seems so confusing. I’ve even done the beginner offers on Profit Accumulator which you can do for free and earn around £40 for. I followed the instructions and made the bets and came out with a profit, just. But, with all the different things you can put bets on, plus the odds and the two ways you do to cover your costs, it just seems so confusing to me. I suppose if I had more time to sit and take it all in, then I’d perhaps understand it better!


It also seems risky. After all, it has the word betting in the title. Somewhere, someone must lose. It can’t just be making profits all the time, otherwise how it is legal? How do any of the big companies make any money from it, if the loop holes are there to be taken advantage of? I suspect that if you can see it as just money, then perhaps it isn’t risky. But at any slight temptation or risk, I imagine it could become like ordinary betting. You are still chasing after the winnings, right?


It also seems too good to be true! And we all know the saying, that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I have seen screen shots of winnings through matched betting and it’s more than I earn in a month. Some of them are big wins and I do believe that these people have won these amounts. But I also think that perhaps they’re the lucky few, and not the norm.


I remember in primary school, whenever there was a school raffle to raise money for something, the same family would always win lots of the prizes. The bigger prizes; the ones people actually might want. Me, I always won nothing. Ever. Even a pencil case! Nothing. I know that matched betting is nothing to do with luck, supposedly, but I don’t see why this would be any different.


I mentioned before about doing the beginner offers on Profit Accumulator. I do recommend that people try these for free to see if you like the process (and understand it better than I do!) as it costs nothing for you to sign up. You might then actually enjoy it and decide to sign up for the bigger offers which can make you more profit.

Why I Don't Do Matched Betting - The Frugal Cottage


I know I probably should give matched betting a proper go. If you have a pot of about £50 you can make a decent start with it, apparently. But I just don’t think that this time and place, that it’s for me. And that’s why I don’t do matched betting.


Have you tried matched betting? What has been your experience of it? I’d love to hear from you!


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