Hello December! I absolutely love December; it’s my birthday and my husband’s birthday during the month, plus of course the holidays and spending time with family. I cannot think of a better time of year, to be honest. Work wise, December is a busy month as we get everything finished for the end of year, but as long as I prioritise and not let everything get on top of me, it should be alright.


Every month I like to set myself aims for the month, to keep myself focused and to make sure I actually use the time during the month wisely! There are two sets of aims: Finance and Personal. November was up and down for us, in terms of both Finance and Personal, so let’s hope that December is much better.


Financial aims for December:

– Have 18 NSpend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by the interest added on only

– Put £600 into savings


As I missed my NSD aim for November, I’m keeping it the same as December is notoriously more expensive but I’m hoping we can still meet that. Like last month, our mortgage overpayment will just be in the interest added only as I’m happy with how that is going for now. And I have left the savings target at £600, because I’m determined to end the year on a positive note savings wise. This will be tricky, but then it’s not a challenge if it’s easy! Reaching my NSD target does have an impact on savings, so the two go hand in hand.


Personal Aims for December:

– make some gingerbread men

 maintain my weight

– relax over the holidays


As I made this a November aim but then didn’t manage it, I’ve kept the gingerbread men aim for December.  I’ve changed my weight loss goal to a maintain the same weight one, as I think this will be difficult with birthday meals and Christmas during this month. In fact, I think if I end December the same weight I started, I’ll have done pretty well! Lastly, simply to relax over the holidays.


Do you have any aims for this month? What will challenge you the most? I’d love to hear from you!


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