December is almost over! As is 2017, obviously. This month has been a month of two halves for us. The first 12 days were relatively normal; nothing exciting happened apart from me celebrating a birthday at the start of the month. Mr FC and I went away for the weekend right at the beginning of the month, as a combined birthday present to me plus baby moon before the chaos began 😉


Then Frugal Baby #2 made an appearance three weeks early and we’ve been adjusting to life ever since. We had to spend a few days in hospital due a tricky start but he’s now doing well and gaining weight 🙂 we won’t mention the lack of sleep 😉


Of course there’s been Christmas added into the mix too, which was lovely. We spent the day with Mr FC’s family, then spent Boxing Day with my parents. Frugal Toddler was very excited and is very good at opening presents now. He still doesn’t entirely understand what’s happening, other than that it’s different to normal. As always, people have been very generous and we are constantly grateful to be surrounded by such loving people.


My Financial aims for December were:

– Have 15 No Spend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £20

– Put £500 into savings


I have managed 16 NSDs in December, so a month where I’ve finally hit my aim! Yes, it was lower than previous months but considering I’ve given birth and it’s been Christmas, I’m very pleased with this. A positive end to the year. I’m hoping to get back on track with NSDs in 2018, as I have been somewhat lax with these and I do believe they have a positive impact on my budget. Overpaying is taking a backseat but it is nice to see our mortgage balance go down every month. I have overpaid £4.04 this month, so less than I aimed for. Better than nothing? Finally, I transferred £505.07 into savings so I hit my aim there too. Again, it’s lower than previous months but out of necessity really. Pleased I hit this 🙂


My Personal Aims For December were:

– the safe arrival of Frugal Baby #2.


And indeed, I have accomplished this too. He arrived quite quickly but I have recovered much more swiftly this time than I did with Frugal Toddler. In fact, about two hours after he was born I was feeling fine and had a shower! A slightly longer stay in hospital than we had anticipated was frustrating but the staff on the ward were lovely, plus I got to properly thank the midwife who I had in labour. I was glad to get home though 🙂


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How has December been for you? Are you ready for 2018?


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