As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m now 30 weeks pregnant! As the time is flying by, it means we need to get ready for our second child’s arrival. It might seem like ages away, but in reality it isn’t. Factoring in the holidays as well means that we need to get organised!


Now, being the frugal people we are, we have saved most of the things we bought or received for Frugal Baby #1. All of his clothes are in the loft, as are bottles, steriliser, the moses basket and various other items. We are still using the monitor for him at the moment, plus Frugal Baby #2 won’t be left alone so doesn’t need one yet.


However, we are making some slight changes for Frugal Baby #2. Call it hindsight, if you want!


The first thing we’re changing is what Frugal Baby #2 will sleep in. We got a moses basket for Frugal Baby #1 which only cost us £10 plus the cost of a new mattress. Well, he wouldn’t sleep in there for weeks after he was born! He just wanted to be cuddled and would quite happily sleep on you, all day. The moment you tried to put him in his moses basket, he would wake up and cry.


So, for Frugal Baby #2 we’re getting a co-sleeper. Having looked at them in the shops, we’ve settled for this one. It seems so practical and it’s small enough to fit next to my side of the bed. The side will zip down so the baby should feel like it’s just sleeping next to you. We’re hoping that this will mean that Frugal Baby #2 will settle more quickly.


Continuing on the sleeping theme, we looked at sleeping pods last time but decided against it. We naively thought that a moses basket would suffice! And, if you can’t tell, I want the sleeping aspect to be much smoother this time. I cannot face six months of little sleep with a toddler in tow. So, we’re also getting this for Frugal Baby #2. Or rather, my lovely in laws are buying this for him.


I also need a new changing bag after the one we had for Frugal Baby #1 fell apart after months of continuous use. I was a bit disappointed as it was such a practical bag which had so many useful compartments! However, it fell apart so it was thrown out. So, I’ve been looking around and I’m getting this one to use with Frugal Baby #2.


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Frugal Baby #1 has this musical seahorse in his bed with him each night. It plays musical lullabies for about 5 minutes continuously, then dims and turns itself off. Frugal Baby loves it, and demands it be turned back on if he’s not asleep! I think both the music and the light are a comfort to him.


So, we’re getting something similar for Frugal Baby #2. I’ve read a lot of positive things about Ewan the dream sheep so we’re going to get one of those to begin with. It plays heartbeat and womb sounds so it’s supposed to soothe and calm your baby. Again, hoping this will aid with sleep! I can see a theme emerging here….


My mum bought Frugal Baby #1 a bamboo blanket from a really nice shop in York, and she’s done the same for Frugal Baby #2. These are so soft and are lovely to wrap them in, either for a cuddle or as they’re going for a nap. As Frugal Baby #2 is being born in the winter, he’ll need lots of blankets to keep warm 🙂


Then, I think that’s about it! We did save most things from last time, though we do need to get those down from the loft and have a sort through. I’ve bought a couple of newborn sleep suits for him as I couldn’t resist. Including this cute little brother one from next!


Can you think of anything else we might need? I’m worried I might have forgotten something!


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