As someone who is always looking to increase income and be more money-savvy, this is the fourth in a series about boosting your income. Even little amounts every month can add up and make a real difference to a budget and overall household income. The other posts in the series are:

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Today’s post is all about GeoTask. GeoTask is a new app that is looking at how you use your local town centre and make sure that it’s used to it’s full potential. To help achieve this, understanding how shoppers behave and interact with retailers and restaurants in the town centre is invaluable.  You can help by joining GeoTask, which records how shoppers behave by measuring and capturing anonymous GPS location points using an app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.


It’s really simple to join and get earning in three easy steps:


  1. Get the App

Go to GeoTask and sign up! (referral link)


2. Register to win great prizes.

As a reward for your involvement you will have the chance to win e-gift cards to spend in your favourite retailers and cash prizes through PayPal ranging from £1 to £25.


3. Take your phone with you each time you visit your town or city

It’s that easy to positively change your high street. The data provided by your phone is anonymous and does not include your phone number or identity and uses minimal battery power.


There is also the chance to win some fabulous cash prizes in the weekly and monthly free prize draw, which includes vouchers for Marks and Spencer, Costa Coffee, Currys, House of Fraser and Paypal cash prizes. So there are lots of ways you can earn money with GeoTask. I think the best thing about GeoTask is the fact that once you’ve installed in on your smart phone (it works with both iOS and Android) it can run in the background and it anonymously collects your data, so you don’t even have to do anything.


Another easy way to boost your income. Every little helps, right?

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