Hello April! I’m looking forward to a new month. The past two months have been quite tough for us as a household. I’m hoping that April proves to be much more positive. I hope that the weather gets a bit warmer in April too! I’m looking forward to getting out with Frugal Baby and enjoying some sunshine.


April sees us going on another little family holiday which I’m so looking forward to. We’ve booked a self catering cottage for a week up in Scotland. We can explore the local area and hopefully get some walking in with Frugal Baby. Although he can walk quite well now, we’ll be taking his carrier with us so we can hopefully go on some longer walks.


Financial aims for April:

– Have 17 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £50

– Put £1000 into savings


I haven’t hit my NSD target this year yet so I have decided to reduce my target for April. As we are away during the month too, this might be a struggle! As always, I am continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, though I am aiming for less. This is because I want to continue building my investments and dividend income. The savings aim is huge but it’s what I need to be consistently hitting. I smashed my target in February and March, so I am cautiously optimistic about hitting this in April too. I am continuing to list things on ebay so that’ll go towards it!


Personal Aims For April:

– do some baking

– book in a massage

finish reading my current book


Firstly, I really struggled to think of any personal aims for this month. Not sure why? I really want to do some baking – specifically cakes – so I think I’ll try and do some to take away with us. Nothing better than some homemade cake and a cuppa! My lovely boy got me a message as my Mother’s Day present, so I need to book that. What a luxury! I’m going to be totally honest, I am really looking forward to it. It’s an hour long massage, so I’ll probably end up falling asleep! Finally, I have just started a new book – this one – and I really enjoying reading but rarely give myself time to do so. So, I want to finish this book this month. I shall take it on holiday with us too so hopefully I will manage!


Here’s to April being better. What are your aims for the month?


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