Five years time! It seems like quite a way off but as we all know, time files. I was tagged in this post by Chammy from Modern Money Life. I thought it would be quite interesting to answer them myself. When I look at where we were five years ago, it seems like so much has changed. Of course, the biggest change to our family is the arrival of Frugal Baby is 2015.


The Last Five Years

Five years ago, back in 2012, we got married. We were renting a house, but I had lost my job. I was working temporarily and applying for lots of jobs. I finally got one in June! We were saving like mad for our house deposit. We moved from one rental house to another one. Then, in the December of that year, we bought our own house, which is the one we live in now.


5 Years Time: Where I Want To Be

I’m not generally one to look ahead long term. Apart from our early retirement plans, I suppose! But, in business especially, people talk a lot about a 5 year plan. Putting thoughts and aims down on paper. Thinking about how to achieve them. So, here goes!


5 years time: location

I presume we’ll be still living in the same house as we live in now. I’m hoping to have done a bit more decorating, specifically the living room if nowhere else! We’ll have continued to overpay our mortgage, though in small amounts. We might have even done something to the drive by then! But, no major changes in location in five years time, I’m pretty sure of it.


5 years time: career

In five years time, I think I’ll be doing similar to what I am doing right now. I work part time in education and very much enjoy that role and my job. As we’ll have a 7 year old and a 4 year old by then, I might have just gone back full time to that, depending on how my side hustles are going. In five years time for The Frugal Cottage and all it entails, I am hoping to have three different courses running. I would love to be doing workshops in person with a handful of people at a time, though I’m not entirely sure about that. If I could balance my job in education and this internet space of mine, I would be very happy.


5 years time: travel

I must admit I am thinking more and more about travel. The last holiday we went on abroad was in 2014 when me and Mr FC went to Canada and America. It was an amazing holiday, but it seems like a lifetime ago! I would love to take Frugal Baby 1 and 2 on holiday somewhere abroad, as I think that they will both really enjoy it. Somewhere where the flight isn’t too long and lots of activities to do too. Other than that, some more self catering holidays in the UK and Scotland where we can spend time as a family.


5 years time: finances

Now, here’s the big one! In five years, I would love to be earning around £2,000 a year in dividend payments. That would be such a help with our long term goals. Plus, I think with a little effort, that isn’t unachievable either! I would like to think that we’ve got around three and a half years worth of retirement savings banked (which is £63,000) which would help with producing dividend payments. We’ll have continued to overpay our mortgage slowly and I think that our mortgage will be under £85,000 by then.


5 years time: family. 

As I said earlier, we’ll have a 7 year old and a 4 year old by then. One in school (!) and one in nursery, presumably. The most exciting thing about this is thinking about what our two boys will be like by then. What their little personalities will be like and what they might be into. I am looking forward to every stage and to see them grow and blossom as people 🙂


I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and thinking about where we might be as a family in five years time. I know five years seems like a lifetime ago, but it’ll go past in a blink of an eye, I’m sure. Frugal Baby is already 2 and that has just flown by. By the time we’ve added another little boy to the mix at the end of this year, I’m sure time will go by even faster!


Finally, to pass this on to some other bloggers to fill in! Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny, Eleanor from Creative Countryside, Jess from Each Little Step and Emma from Emma Drew Info.


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