Following on from yesterday’s post about continuing to learn, I thought I would share with you some personal finance books that are interesting to read.


I’m a big fan of reading. I always have been. Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed books. I am super fast at reading too. I remember once I borrowed a book at primary school on a Friday and had finished it by the Monday. My teacher at the time didn’t believe that I could have read it that quickly and called me a liar. But, it has always been the case, I love getting lost inside a good story.


However, I have been trying to branch out a bit and read some non-fiction books too. Mainly around finance and/or business as that’s where my other interests like, I suppose. I have read a couple of books around blogging, such as Blogging Your Way To Riches by two lovely PF bloggers. I’ve also read some about online business, such as She Means Business.


But, the area I focus on most is personal finance. That makes sense, this being a money blog after all? So, I thought I would share with you five of my favourite personal finance blogs that I would recommend reading 🙂


  1. Smarter Investing by Tim Hale. Whenever I talk to anyone about investing, I always mention this book. It’s one of the first books I read about investing and it makes a lot of sense, especially to the novice investor. It breaks down meanings of complicated finance jargon and then gives examples of different passive income streams through investing.
  2. The Millionaire Next Door. Although very American in its style, this is an eye opening book in terms of the wealthy and what might surprise you about them. It looks at the traits amongst those who have accumulated wealth and some of the running themes through the book through the case studies are interesting.
  3. The Money Diet by Martin Lewis. This is one of the first books on money I ever read, as a student I think, and it is very easy to read and understand. There are different sections relating to different areas of life, with the theme of dieting running through too.
  4. The Automatic Millionaire. An interesting read about a family who live on a fairly average income but manage to retire at 55 as millionaires, with two homes and two children they’ve put through university. Just shows what a budget can do!
  5. Mindful Money. I only recently heard about this, but it is a thought provoking read. It focuses on the decisions around money being influenced by your own beliefs and how to grow your money using your own desires. As someone who finds the mindfulness side of things fascinating, this was a great read.


I think that the thing that shows through all of this literature, is that living below your means and really understanding your own money is the key to being successful with it. After all, knowledge is power. Most of these all touch on budgeting and questioning what you need (or not) in your life at the time. Questioning whether the acquisition of material possessions is really necessary.

5 Personal Finance Books You Should Read - The Frugal Cottage


Have you read any personal finance books? What would you recommend? I’d love to hear from you! 


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