This week in the UK is half term, where the schools break up for a week and children get a break from that everyday routine. It often means that parents need to find additional child care or take time off work to look after their little ones. It can sometimes prove to be an expensive time, as all those little expenses and outings can add up quickly!


Here are 5 free things you can do in half term:


1) Go exploring. Whether that’s just in the back garden with a few token things being placed around, or around where you live – the possibilities are endless! See what you can spot whilst you’re out exploring; you could even make a list of things to spot – make it as adventurous as you can! Lots of us live in amazing places that we actually spend little time in, even exploring the estate or village you live in will bring new knowledge and places you never knew existed.


2) Have a picnic. This can work whatever the weather too; if it’s nice and sunny then it could be in your back garden, or if its raining, then the living room will be just as fun! Have the same lunch as always, but it will taste so much better sitting outside on a picnic blanket or on the floor in the living room! Get teddy bears involved too if your child is of that age; the more the merrier. Get your children involved with making the picnic too!


3) Play a game. Half term is the perfect time to play a game that might take up more time than usual. Whether that be hide and seek around your house, or junior pictionary where you can practice your drawing skills and get the whole family to join in. It’s interesting when games are played; there is always one person who is massively competitive and playing a game seems to bring that out in people!


4) Wildlife watch. This is somewhat based on the rspb bird watch thing, but have a wildlife watch in the garden! Sit at a window with a pencil and piece of paper, and look at what wildlife wanders into the garden during that time. It’ll probably be mainly birds, but there may be a squirrel in there, or perhaps a stray cat wandering through, who knows! This is also a great way to teach children about the wildlife that exists where they live.


5) Build a den! How could this not be on here? Any child under the age of 10 has built a den (or fort) at some point in their lives. Adults can do this too; get shuffling that furniture around and find things to drape over to make the ultimate den. You could even combine this with number 3 and have a picnic inside the den! Or you could sit and tell stories with a blanket and some chocolate. Remember if it’s a fort, you need a trap door somehow! And will everyone be allowed inside?


So there you have it! 5 free things you can do over half term. Half term could be really fun and frugal if you try some of these things! At the end of a lovely day with the family, top it off with some hot chocolate and a bedtime story and there’s your day done.


What are your plans for half term? I’d love to hear from you! 

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