Like with the monthly goals, I also do yearly aims to that I know we’re on track in a bigger sense. I also feel like it makes me more accountable over the year; 12 months is a long time and focus can drift at times, so knowing I have yearly goals to reach as well as monthly ones make me more focused. Again, like with the monthly ones, I do a financial section and a personal section.


Financial goals:

– Overpay our mortgage by £4,200

– Put £6,000 into savings

– Have 220 NSDs during the year

– Opening a S&S ISA


Personal goals:

– Bake at least one type of loaf a month

– Make more meals from scratch and rely less on ready-made food

– Eat healthier and lose 25lbs 

– Be more kind to myself

– Stop worrying about things I can’t change and focus on the ones I can.


Our overpayment target is much less that we managed last year (which was £7,000 in 2013) but we’ve shifted our focus slightly in terms of overpaying and other avenues. I will do a post at some point soon which explains our decisions regarding overpaying the mortgage and other plans. The savings goal doesn’t seem that much in comparison to others, but this is a hefty chunk of our income every month. Combined with the OP, we’re looking at £950 going towards our future, which is fantastic. It’ll be wonderful once that goes above the £1,000 mark, but at the moment that’s slightly too much of a stretch for us. The NSDs thing links to the challenge I posted here and it does keep our finances much tighter during the week. Over the year, this again makes a big difference to whether we meet our goals or not. The final thing is for me to open a stocks and shares ISA; a subject I find very daunting but I will this year, I need to make that step.

Personal goals are a bit more varied, though seem to focus around food, which I didn’t notice when I first did them! I’m a big fan of baking but go through stages of doing loads and then not doing any at all. This is to focus me more and do more things just for me. Likewise with the second aim; I love cooking but when I come in from a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is cook. But, I’ve been relying too heavily on pre-packaged stuff, and it’s not helped my weight – hence the third goal. The fourth and fifth personal goals are just reminders to myself more than anything – what I do is good enough and I need to remember that at times.

So, I’m to meet these goals by the end of the year, and so far I’m doing alright. Could be better, but definitely not too bad!

Do you make yearly goals? How are they going so far? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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