I spend a lot of time reading various personal finance blogs online; I love to soak up all of the information that they provide, the inspiration to continue to do more, the varieties of backgrounds and lives they live. I think that reading and taking in all of this information can only better my own personal finance journey. Reading these blogs makes me feel like I’m going in the right direction and these people are at the height of their game, so to speak. An affirmation that you’re doing the right thing never goes amiss! Today I am sharing my 10 favourite personal finance blogs that you should be reading:


1) Budgets Are Sexy. A blog written by the character known as J Money, this is about as good as it gets. A combination of challenges, net worth updates and sound, straightforward financial advice makes it a fantastic read. Plus, he has a cool hairstyle! His advice is very accessible and can be implemented at whichever stage of the journey you are on. Recent post: Being Happy = Being Happy


2) Dividend Mantra. A blog written by Jason Fieber about his journey to financial independence following the journey to passive income through dividend investing. His thorough approach proves that for some, dividend investing as a means to financial independence works; his portfolio continues to grow and his payments each month are getting higher and higher. A very motivating read! Recent post: Dividend Growth Update – First Quarter 2015


3) Frugal Woods. A blog written by Mrs Frugal Woods and occasional insight from their adorable Frugal Hound, this follows their journey to financial freedom by 2017. A young couple who are aiming to live in the countryside and be self-sufficient, it is interesting to see how their journey develops as time passes. Recent post:Β Frugal Homestead Series Part 6


4) Making Sense of Cents. A very popular blog written by Michelle, who is the queen of online income. Michelle shows how the journey goes from starting a side hustle to it now being her main job and income. Her income reports every month are awe-inspiring and to see Michelle continue to grow in her new(ish) role is fantastic. Recent post: Do You Need A Budget?


5) Mr Money Mustache. A somewhat controversial blog written by the elusive Mr Money Mustache (MMM), there are some very straightforward, concise posts about personal finance. His earlier posts in particular are a very interesting read, though some of his ideas are a bit too extreme for my liking, and he proves that working hard and spending much less than you earn means early retirement is achievable for more and more people. Recent post: When Ridiculousness is Ubiquitous


6) Root Of Good. A blog written by Justin, a family man who has managed to retire early at 33. He now gets to be a stay at home dad to his adorable family, whilst still growing their family wealth. They also go on some awesome family holidays, whilst never going over budget. Recent post: March 2015 Financial Update


7) Wealth Way Online. Although Christine has been quieter of late, I still find her blog and her journey inspiring. Christine manages to earn a very impressive amount each month whilst travelling around the world. She is planning on being location independent whilst working at her many online endeavours. Recent post: March Income Report


8) The Frugal Farmer. Written by Laurie, this blog focuses on self-sufficiently and homesteading. Although a slightly different approach to some of the others listed here, Laurie offers practical, straightforward advice about many financial topics, including prepping food, getting out of debt and money management. Recent post: The Three Rules of Self-Sufficiency and Preparedness


9) Frugaling. A blog written by Sam which offers advice about budgeting and getting the most out of your earnings. There are lots of posts about minimalist, relationships, investing and earning more on Sam’s blog, some of which have been featured on other, well-known online websites. Recent post: 5 Ways To Fix America’s Food Problems, And Still Eat Frugally


10) Frugal Rules. Written by John and other contributing writers, Frugal Rules offers lots of advice on how to manage your money effectively. There are lots of different perspectives on Frugal Rules, most of which aim to get you confident with your own money and how to make your lifestyle work for you. Again, there are a plethora of articles for you to choose from, all of which are helpful and easy to understand. Recent post: What My Cheap Food Was Costing MeΒ 


What are your favourite personal finance blogs that you read?

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