Summer is here, finally, so that means time spent outside, enjoying the weather, eating lots of summery foods, including BBQ food and ice-cream, and having fun with the family. But, with the children off school and boredom potentially setting in, the summer holidays can fast become a very expensive time for most families.

Cheap Summer Activities

However, there are lots of activities you can do that are cheap or free, so there’s no need to go spend crazy over the summer! Here are some cheap summer activities you can do:


1). Go for a walk. Our local park is perfect for having a wander round in the sunshine; there’s lots to discover and wildlife to spot. Adding in the exercise and this is a perfect summer activity to do. Whether that’s going straight from your own front door and seeing where you end up, to planning a walk and having to drive to the starting point, walking as a couple/family can be a lovely day out. Just don’t get lost!


2) Be a nature detective in your garden. Just how many animals frequent your garden on a daily basis? Keep a log for a day of all the creatures you spot – the more unusual the better! I bet there are lots of birds that you can’t identify – I certainly couldn’t – but there is something relaxing about watching the birds hopping around the garden, tweeting as they go along their business. We sometimes get squirrels bounding along the back fence which is fantastic to watch!


3) Make a cake. Nothing is quite as good as the smell of a cake baking in the oven, especially as you know you’ll be able to eat it in the not-too-distant future.You could make some cupcakes, fairy cakes or how about my lemon drizzle cake? Getting a bit messy is part of the fun! Plus, the chef always gets to lick the spoon first, that’s the rule.


4) Be artistic – how about some drawing or painting? There are lots of free downloads for children (or adults!) to colour in if you have access to a printer to print them out. Or, just let your imagination go wild and draw whatever you want! The possibilities are endless. With a piece of paper and a pencil, you can create so many designs to then colour in.


5) Build a fort. When you were a child, how fun was it to build a fort with some sofa cushions and a sheet/duvet? Why not do that again! If you have children or not, building a fort with various furniture items can be a lot of fun – how about having a picnic in there once you’ve finished?


6) Have a movie day. Although it is summer, the British weather can be quite temperamental and there are going to be days where it’s just not fit to go outside. If that’s the case, have a movie day on the sofa. Get your favourite snacks (or homemade cake, see #3!) and get comfortable. All 8 Harry Potter films, anyone?


7) Water fight! This is obviously best when the weather is good, but having a water fight in the garden is one of the most fun things to do, ever. Even if it’s just adults, the person who manages to get the water hose is clearly going to be the winner! If you know your neighbours well, invite them to join in and declare war!


8) Have a games day. Again, if the weather isn’t particularly great, playing a board game or card game can be a lot of fun. My favourite board game is Monopoly (probably because it’s money orientated!) and I always, always seem to lose at Scrabble. I seem to end up with all the I’s, or a Q and nothing else – does that happen to anyone else?


9) Check out your local library for free events. There are lots of events put on in our local library over the summer holidays for children of a variety of ages. Or, just go and pick out a new book to read and have some quiet time escaping reality for a while.


10) Have a picnic in the park. Or your own garden if you like! Think food on a smaller scale – sandwiches, mini scotch eggs, mini quiches, cherry tomatoes, veg sticks and dip, strawberries, raspberries, whatever you like to eat! You could even take some of your homemade cake along too for pudding 🙂


So there you have it; 10 cheap summer activities that are fun and don’t cost the earth! What are your favourite things to do in the summer?

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